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The Prime Plus Water Softener

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The Prime+ is a single tank water softener made for home use and is the top of our line, it provides superior features and benefits.


  • Upflow Regeneration
  • 80 Character Touch Pad LCD.
  • No Precision brining
  • Continuous 27 GPM 15 PSI Drop
  • Peak 35 GPM 25 PSI Drop
  • WQA Gold Seal to NSF/ANSI 44
  • Soft Brine Refill
  • Rotating Diagnostic Screen
  • Auto Flush
  • Precision Brining
  • Automatic Reserve

 Our NSF approved tanks surpass all industry performance standards and are NSF /ANSI 44 Certified up to 24” tanks and NSF/ANSI 61 Certified up to 63”.


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Soft Water Recharge


Never run out of soft water. If reserve capacity is depleted by a spike in water usage, the system will automatically perform a quick 20 minute “recharge” regeneration to restore up to 33% system capacity keeping you in soft water until a complete regeneration occurs that evening.

UpFlow Regeneration


Drives the hardness minerals up through the already depleted resin and out to drain – saving both salt and the  unused portion of the resin  for future use.

In fact it ‘supercharges’ the bottom portion of the softening bed providing more consistent and softer water.

Precision Brining


Uses only the precise amount of salt needed to regenerate the depleted portion of the softener resin saving an additional 15-30% salt per regeneration.   Less salt means less money required for maintenance.



Limited Lifetime Warranty begins on date of purchase and applies to all softeners built by/for The Water Doctor Inc.


Softener Resin for 10 Years


Electric and Valves for 5 years


Reverse Osmosis, filter Housings, tanks for 3 years

30 Years of Service

The Water Doctor has been serving Utah homes with soft, clean, healthy drinking water for over 30 years.

Utah Contractor's License: 3613239

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