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Dominator Plus Water Softener

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The Dominator Plus Water Softener is environmentally friendly. It softens water and removes chlorine and other odors in a single, easy to use system. By combining two separate medias into a single tank this eliminates the need for separate systems. The Dominator Plus features:

  • A Single tank design which simplifies the system.
  • Designed to prevent and lessen pressure drops.
  • Extremely efficient.
  • Saves time, money, and energy

This specially designed tank has a mid-vortech plate that keeps the media separate. With activated carbon on top and water softening resin on the bottom, this dual unit is ideal for removing both hardness and odors. With carbon removing chlorine that adds years to the life of your softener resin.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty begins on date of purchase and applies to all softeners built by/for The Water Doctor Inc.


Softener Resin for 10 Years


Electric and Valves for 5 years


Reverse Osmosis, filter Housings, tanks for 3 years

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The Water Doctor has been serving Utah homes with soft, clean, healthy drinking water for over 30 years.

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